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Sunday, 31 August 2014

It has been 8 days since I started Low Carb

- day 1 i was using fit trouser and big blouse
- today my pant is huge
So cant really see the difference. But from my own feeling, ive shred some fats out from my upper arms and tummy. Still a long way to go

Low carb day 9

- omellette from 2eggs (plain)


- daging and ayam from majlis kahwin

- sikit sikoi

- so many rambutan (guilty)


- kit kat errr

- ayam satay goreng with mayo

- more rambutan

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Low carb day 8

- omellette with tomato capsicum sausage mushroom etc, red beans, 2 garlic bread

- 2 ayam salai
- 2 kit kat

- 8pcs popcorn chicken
- 4 ulas durian
- not even a half cup of rice
- ayam kunyit with quarter of potato

Friday, 29 August 2014

Low carb Day 7 and Progress

97.1 to 96.3 to 96.0kg
-1 keping karipap ubi
- nasi sikit, sotong 1 keping, ikan 1 potong
- roti cracker
- nasi sikit, ayam salai 2 potong, sedikit daging kambing

Thursday, 28 August 2014

One strand of stretchmark??

Ok this is weird....
I am not sure where this line came from..
Just realized in the evening.
When i applied furmon this morning the line was not there. The line is in between belly button and bikini-line
It looks like a stretchmark.
I am not sure whether this comes from my failed pregnancy, or from atkins (didnt lose much weight tho).
This is really weird..

UPDATE: the line disappeared in the next morning. Amaahhhhhhzzziiinnnngggg
Please excuse my obesity

Low Carb Day 6 and Progress

Weight : 96.3kg (from 97.1kg)
Ok lah!

My brunch:

- nasi and sayur
- keropok udang
- 2 sausages

And since i am very very disappointed that this pregnancy is not progressing, so im treating my body with caffein! It's been a long time !!! There goes my 5th natural miscarriage. PFFFDD 9÷3&#;#9×(@;@¥+?

My dinner:

- a cup of nasi goreng kampong (i know...)

- sunny side up egg

13 dpo Pregnancy Test

I dont even wanna post a picture.
I expected it to be darker than 12dpo
But no! It becomes lighter than 10dpo.
Im having another CHEMICAL PREGNANCY!

Blood linings are shredding this afternoon, no wet blood yet.- 28.08.2014

Heavy blood now - 29.08.2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Low Carb Day 5 Dinner

Ok this has got to be my favorite!
- 1 scrambled egg
- 2 slices of cheese
- tuna
Ok I lied....i couldnt finish em all,.got nauseated.
And i bought myself a Kit Kat. 9g or carbs lol... bye

Atkins Day 5 Lunch

No pictures taken
-chicken drummet

I was thinking to quit atkins for a while since I know that I am now pregnant. But will still do the low carbs diet and will still eat fruits, rice, bread, etc

Symptoms at 12 dpo

12 dpo

- many phlegm?/mucus in my throat, i'll gag myself up in every attempt to get rid of it
- bit nausea, but I guess it has something to do with gas
- Had to rush home coz my tummy was a bit painful, but still I dont poop much
- the difference between my current pregnancy and before, is that, this time I dont get to experience WATERY CM *weird*
- feel nauseated when drinking water (not usual)
- woke up a bit late and was feeling a bit tired
- bit of sore boobs, if touched
- dull ache on pelvis esp right ovary
- frequent urination? i donno..

Atkins Day 5 Breakfast

Took breakfast at Lambak. No pictures taken.

- 2 slices of bread (need carbs due to potential progress of pregnancy)
- 1 egg sunny side up
- 1 tbs tomato sauce

Atkins Day 4 Dinner (skipped lunch)

I skipped lunch coz I was not hungry. Hubby was making a steamboat lastnight. Err....i have actually deleted the picture huhu

- tomyam soup
- meat
- prawn
- sayur sawi

12 dpo Pregnancy Test

This time i dont have to adjust much. By using flash I can already capture the second line, unlike 2 days ago :) and actually it is more darker if seen by bare-naked eyes. The second line appeared within 1 minute, and it was obvious. 5th pregnancy, I hope this will stick to full term, Aamiin Ya Allah...
I'm gonna top up my carbs today. I dont wanna get to excited about it, I just wanna see progress. Help me Ya Allah.... :(

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Atkins Day 4 Breakfast

Feeling pissed huhu
- egg scrambled with eggs
- satay daging with mayonnaise

Symptoms 11 dpo

11 dpo
- dream about a very strong bfo before i tested
-second line still shows the shadow after 10 seconds of testing
-digital pt says negative
-tummy ache since last night due to gas, and i dont poop much -_-
-increased nasal and throat mucus
-left sided headache near my left ear for few minutes

Atkins Day 3 Dinner

Im still disappointed coz I didnt get my bfp hmm....

Anyway, I forgot to take picture of my dinner last night, so here goes

- half cup of rice
- 100g daging rendang
- bayam + broccoli
- 1 udang goreng

11 dpo Pregnancy Test

Cheap pt - as usual, the second line appears after 10 seconds

Digital pt - said Not Pregnant. Im crushed!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Atkins Day 3 Lunch

Since I got my very very faint bfp this morning, I decided to eat rice to up my carbs. So here goes my Ayam Penyet hehe. Couldnt finish the rice, only ate half a cup. And this comes with cabbage, long bean and cucumber.

10 dpo Pregnancy Test

I am not sure if the line is visible here.
I took several snaps and most of them dont really show. But with my bare naked eyes, the faint line is definitely there! After several lighting has been adjusted, this is the best shot that i can get.

Atkins Day 3 Breakfast

Wops, nearly finished my food before I take the photo. Lol. So far so good.
I guess i need to add more carbo in my diet..cozz....this hpt....gave me.....a very faint line.....
Prior to that, i was having a dream and got bfp on 3 sticks huhu ( a very strong BFP!!) ....this morning when i tested, im sure it was not evaporation line. It appeared within the time frame and when i tested i opened the door so the toilet was not really moisty.
Im gonna test again after 2 days i dont wanna get too excited yet :) been thru 4 miscarriages so i dont want to put high hopes.
Hehe btw the satay ayam isssss soooo delishhhh!
Im feeling nauseated im sure it came from eating too much mayonnaise during my atkins. Oh well

Symptoms at 10 dpo

10 dpo

CHECK PT : a second line appeared within the timeframe (in fact, within a minute), can see the line when you move around the pt, tho no color yet, so it can either be evap line or an early bfp? i dont know :) hoping for the best

- had a dream where i tested for pregnancy test, i guess it was either 2 or 3 times and each time i got myself a BFP. Showed the tests to my husband and it seemed like he's not into it. The name Maria appeared once :)
- this annoying sound from a lizard has been haunting us since last night. It went worse in the morning when I wake up after the dream (unusual)
- bit nauseated i guess due to eating too much mayonnaise?
- sore boobs, off and on for few seconds
- gassy, burped a lot
- bit constipated, i had the urge to "remove" but it just didnt happen, or maybe only a few (dont wanna get into more details on this)
- another new acne on left cheek near nose. lol...spotted this last night -_-"
- i guess throat is congested with phlegm eww so disgusting, and this is happening for the past few days
- increased production of saliva, happened since the past few days

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Atkins Day 2 Dinner (again, skipped lunch)

Good thing about Atkins is that my tummy is full for a longer period. This has been my second day skipping my lunch without hunger. And my energy level has increased. I guess ketosis has taken place on the first day itself.
Here's my meal:
- tomyam soup
- beef
- chicken breast
- prawn
- spinach
- sawi
- broccoli
- satay ayam
- satay saging
- mayonnaise
So fuuuuulllllll now. I was tempted to see hubby drinking 7 up #myfavourite #grr but I managed to resist

Symptoms at 9 dpo

9 dpo

- nothing significant
- dull ache on ovaries, but not as bad as before
- since i started doing atkins diet, i found myself skipping lunch and not getting hungry
- lotiony sticky white mucus (not many)
- gassy, bit constipated i guess
- feeling great
- a bit nausea but i guess because of atkins or too much eggs and mayonnaise

Heaven and Earth - Green Tea

First time eh I saw this drink. Pernah minum green tea from Heaven and Earth but the packaging was different. This one got no sugar - 0g carbs. I got ecstatic and bought one to quench my thirst.

BUT....I couldnt take more than 3 sips :( it tasted terrible! I still prefer the other drink and rather drink ice cold water. Huhu... i guess green tea without sugar is only suitable to be served as hot.

Atkins Day 2 Breakfast

Today's breakfast at Hot Point.
Scrambled eggs with toast, sausage, red beans and french fries.
I gave the red beans to my husband.
Ate 1 slice of bread (18g carbs) and french fries (41g carbs oer 100g)
Since I am TTC-ing, I still need the carbs but not more than 160g.
The meal was very fullfilling, burp!!
Oh oh...i also ordered seaweed roll and chicken feet (dimsum) and drank Green Tea :D my husband says I wont be long in Atkins, but we'll see hihi

Atkins Day 1 Dinner (skipped lunch)

Was asleep yesterday afternoon so I didnt get the chance to take lunch.
Here's my dinner. Fatty fatty....
Eh, I wonder why in Atkins, you have to take LOW carbs, MODERATE protein and HIGH in fats.
You eat so many eggs and mayonnaise and meat fats and you still lose weight. Amazing!
- ayam salai without madu
- tongkeng salai without madu
- kebab daging and only ate a few parts of its pita

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Atkins Day 1 Breakfast

I have decided, pregnant or not, I will start on Atkins program. Instead of taking carbo less than 20g, im gonna make sure i dont exceed 160g. That is the recommended value if you are TTC-ing
I saw many people had actually lose weight fast, esp during the Induction Stage. I saw malaysian ppl lose weight from this program and yet to see a testimonial from Brunei. Ada, but maybe they dont talk about it, or they insisted not to share with ppl. Pff
Well....the good thing is that my husband is being supportive :D he's willing to pay me $50 per 3kg lost. Hihiiiiii ok lah than nothing. But if i gain weight i will have to pay him too. Thats the deal. Lol.
Soooo...ive just started Atkins this morning, with initial weight of 97.1kg :( i know....i gained, 2 weeks ago it was 96kg. Anyway, hope I can benefit from my new way of eating. I plan to stay on Induction Stage till I hit 65kg, then move on to the next stage until i reach my ideal weight :)
We shall see. My discipline is not helping, I need to make the money as my main inspiration. Haha
My first Atkins menu:
Scrambled eggs with cheese and a pinch of cinnamon powder.
Not fullfilling but oh well....just need to drink more water to feel full

Symptoms at 8 dpo

Checked PT - BFN

8 dpo
- dull aches on ovary esp the left one
- blocked nose (sort of)
- i saw myself holding a baby girl in my dream :D very nice feeling. Im sure she's mine, it felt so real
- bit of nausea but i guess because of consuming to many eggs

Friday, 22 August 2014

Symptoms at 7 dpo


- dull ache on ovaries
- creamy white lotion CM (not much)
- sore boobs for only few seconds, on and off

I have a great feeling...

Em...I guess this is the month, why? Here's why...

1. I never had keputihan issue, never.
2. Masa diurut oleh Babu Tiong, she said something like this "yang banarnya, peranakan mu ani subur, dua2 kiri kanan subur"
3. My mensus came back normal, 28 days =D excited sgt sebab selalunya my mensus was really really regular before I got married, lepas married my mensus went tingtong from 32days to 62days. Crazy...I know right...
4. Last month I ovulated early. On day 16. This month I ovulated on the same day =D So I guess I no longer have that PCOS issues. Alhamdulillah!!!!
5. This cycle, I am on 100mg Clomid, to increase our chances
6. Recently, my TSH level has stabilised, from 6+ --> 5+ --> 2.99 --> 5.25 --> 5.75 (THANKS TO SHAKLEE!!!!!!!!!!) --> 1.29 =D
Doctor said, to achieve a very healthy pregnancy, my TSH level has to go down to below 1.0, by this time I am very confident my TSH is below 1.0. I just knew it!
7. If progesterone was the issue, I am fixing that with Furmon (I guess this is the reason why I get my normal cycle back)
8. Hubby's sperms are very fertile now! He has more than 200 million sperms reserved in 1.5 days. Fast swimmers and good morphology ;) Check my previous posts on Semen Analysis. Thanks to I.E (comes together with Furmon in a purchasing package)
9. Our financial status has now stabilised! Both of us. We now have so much money to spend for our future kids hehe
10. I am using OPK so I am pretty sure that I ovulated this cycle.
11. Our sex life was no longer a routine (routine is boring!), most of the BD was made spontaneous, we also get to enjoy doing it in the mornings and afternoons. I am pretty sure we made the right scheduling.
12. I controlled what I eat, I mostly eat shabu2 (err...adalah TERmakan Durian, couldnt help it since it's the seasoonnnnnnnn, but I tak makan banyak)
13. I drank lots and lots of water after ovulation
14. Tho the symptoms may not be significant compared to my last pregnancies, but I am still holding to hopes.
15. Usually I will get baby dreams before the pregnancies. This cycle, I dont get it lol... oh wait, this should not be included in the list. But nevermind...


Today's Cervical Mucus 7 dpo

This is what I wanted to see ! Creamy lotion CM. Huhu... hope it's a good sign. Not much tho, just 2 wipes and that's it.

Diet Atkins

If Im out this cycle, Im gonna start blogging about Atkins Diet and will start jogging. We'll see..

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Temperature at 6 dpo at 10.30pm

What normal for me is 35.5

5 dpo 36.82

6 dpo 37.01

Im feeling a bit feverish today. Hope it's a good sign.

Temperature at 5 dpo at 8.30pm

Last night's temperature
Mind you, what's normal for me is 35.5

Today's Cervical Mucus 6 dpo

This is my blog.
So i post what i want.
Im tracking my ttc progress so i hope whoever come across my blog will not be disgusted
Today is 6 dpo, cycle on 100mg clomid

Symptoms at 6 DPO


PT checked. Result is BFN. HAHA (damn!)

- nothing significant
- while im typing, my lower back is a bit painful, just a bit
- frequent urination? i dont know. this morning my urine was not yellow concentrated, it was a bit diluted (weird), and peed twice from 1am to 6am (usually I only pee once or none)
- dull ache on ovaries, they come and they go
- acne around my lower lips (unusual, only gets acne few days prior to my period) - bit painful even when I chew, so annoying
- left side headache, on and off, weak pain - I will usually get it on the right side
- err horny?
- mild sore boobs on the right side

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Symptoms at 5 DPO

- woke up with a dry throat, not mouth
- I still have that vibration going on on my pelvis region
- sinus is getting worse, I am pretty sure it is not flu
- few seconds of weak pain on boobs near the right armpit
- ankle pain when walking, sort of (or maybe I am getting heavier? Shrug)
- bit of a lower backache before sleep

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pregnant after doing HSG test??

Well...the title is misleading tho. I am not pregnant, but hoping to see a BFP soon. I read so many successful stories about couples who got themselves pregnant shortly after taking the test. I swear I'll have it done IF I'm out again this cycle.

Here are the links:

What is HSG? Read the following:

Symptoms at 4 DPO


- huge hunger pangs today! i was eating like an elephant...
- the vibrating sensation on my ovaries are still happening
- felt my uterus was pinched for 2 seconds
- ovary pain esp on the right side
- bit of headache (one sided - right)
- moody / easily irritated
- having a hard time to wake up from sleep
- acne on forehead [grin] - i will usually get those before my period
- sore boobs for only a few seconds, more towards the right armpit
- white stringy discharge, saw it swimming in a toilet bowl this afternoon (very unusual)
- ankle pain when walking (weak pain tho)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Symptoms at 1 DPO, 2 DPO and 3 DPO

Today is my 3rd DPO

watery cm (not much)
increased appetite
tired since lunch hour
couldnt sleep well (woke up at 1.15am due to husband's SNORE! and could not sleep till 3am)
bit dizzy, had to ask my husband to give head massage
Baby Dance
sore boobs on the right side (just for few seconds)

headache, like seriously sakit (had to ask hubby to give another head massage) - right sided
sleepy coz not enough sleep last night
difficulty to breath in the afternoon during my nap
increased appetite (oh my..)
Baby Dance
sore boobs on the right side (just for few seconds)
dry down under
itchy *toot* (only for few seconds) - never had this before

last night, i had a nightmare! so vivid I was scared to go to the toilet
felt bit of a pain on my ovaries, esp the right one
weak twinges on uterus, sometimes i can feel it vibrates very softly (also happened when I applied Furmon)
increased appetite
uterus feels a bit thick
dry down under 
itchy *toot* - started to feel annoyed - never had this before
White string discgarge. Not sure what it is
Erm, horny =X bye

Friday, 15 August 2014

Negative OPK

Positive opk detected on
14.08.2014 at 8pm

15.08.2014 at 8pm
Negative. Second line is so so light

Ovaries so ngilu since 4pm, worsen after maghrib. Suspecting ovulation to happen this evening :) oh..i notice more discharge since 4pm. Mucus is much thicker now. I dont know... #fingerscrossed

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Im ovulating on Day 15 or 16!!!

Omg I caught a positive OPK this evening, taken at 8pm :D

This cycle im on clomid so i have no idea how many eggs were released #fingerscrossed!!!!!!

Be right back ;D

Saturday, 9 August 2014


In case you were wondering, I quit it.
I dont think he knows what he was talking about tho. Sorry.

Thyroid Blood Review

So happy with the result!!! :D no wonder I feel good recently

Dosage 50mcg Levothyroxine

TSH - 1.29 (from 5.7!!)
T3 - 3.8 (from 12)
T4 - 12 from 15

Hiiiiiiihiii and I lost 1kg :P cant wait to have a normal pregnancy after this! Coz husband's sperm also got huge improvement... aamiin ya rabb!

Next blood withdraw - 4 oct
Next blood review - 13 oct
Check for thyroid and cholestrol

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Semen Analysis #3

Result released: Yesterday (02.08.2014)

Good news!

Sperm density 256million
Reserved 1.5 days
(Before 270million, reserved 4 days - old sperm)

Sperm morphology
Normal sperm 70%

Sperm motility
Active sperm 69% !!!!!!!
(Before 0% - maybe old sperms dont swim hihi)

Improvements! Improvements!
So I decided to take on clomid this cycle, fortunately I was on my 3rd day in my cycle yesterday!

So im taking 100mg of clomid and 0.75mg of decan per day!

I hope this is it!

Oh....nearly forgot to mention, my mensus last cycle came early (28 days) I usually will have this short cycle before I got married, so a happy bunny :D last cycle I realized that my cervical mucus got discharged a lil bit too early, thanks to salmon hihi, and I caught a fever during my ovulation, which came a lil bit too early as well...oh my!!

I wanna share this amazing product, I guess this is the one that brought back my short cycle: Thanks for FURMON.

And the sperm improvement i'll give credit to IE (intense energies, i think), we bought IE and FURMON as a package.

Seriously, do not eat Shaklee supplements. They messed up mu cycles, suppressed my thyroid hormones, and killed the sperm cells.

For men, just eat your zinc, dates, LOADS of almonds, fish, egg. For women, never skip your folic acid. Oh yea, I am now taking folic acid from Appeton. Per box can last up to 3 months. Worth the try!

Soon, let's get busy!