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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Baby Number Two is here... #latepost πŸ˜…

Welcome to the world !

Name : Muhd. Haekal Mikael 😘
Gender : Boy πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
DOB : 11 April 2018
Gestational Age: 39+3
Time : around 1.20pm I guess πŸ˜…
Method : C - section πŸ˜’
Weight : 3.5kg 😱
Height : 50cm

having one child is tough. taking care of two, is a struggle ahaha...anyhow, will find time to post the stories. enjoying every bit of moment with these two blessings πŸ˜‡

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Second child - Third Trimester

Unlike Mayra dulu, this pregnancy is a lil bit different esp in the Third Trimester.

First and Second Trimester symptoms more or less the same lah; such as craving for sweets, food aversion especially chicken and those yg kuat baunya, kulit kusam, not into make up, dont really care how I look, and the weight I put on pun sikit saja.


start trimester ketiga, I gained more and more weight (I only gained 6kg in total masa beranakkan Mayra) - now that Im 38+2, I gained 12.5kg sudah, my tummy looks huge (unlike dulu ppl said my parut damit masa betiankan Mayra).

Last ultrasound made was on Thursday (37+4) baby weigh around 3.3kg, compared to (35+2) cuma around 2.8kg - doctor seemed ok with it plang, katanya per week normal growth is around 200g.

People also said the second pregnancy your tummy will look huge pasal the abdominal muscle sudah stretched out during the first pregnancy.

pregnancy this time nada ada experience Carpal Tunnel and Shortness of Breath (time Mayra dlu these 2 are the most annoying part to endure)

pregnancy kali ani, especially di hujung2 trimester, paling annoying is when I have the strong urge to pee whenever Im up bediri, not to mention when I walk. They said banyak2 bawa bejalan so that bukaan cervix lakas buka and sanang beranak, how to achieve that when after taking few steps sudah ada rasa kan ke jamban? πŸ˜… sigh... and when I pee keluarnya sikit saja. like in 10 minutes atu I have done 2-4 of toilet visit. malas rasanya kan pakai seluar, have to have a small towel ready. ada rasa kan pakai pampers jua coz it's really tiring bah...

and now ada issue lg with back pain, lower part. and start sudah rasa braxton hicks (false contraction) - ani jua I never pernah rasa masa betiankan Mayra. this time around, pregnancy is a bit of a struggle lah pasal sakit plus you have a toddler to look after, and lately jua Mayra slalu minta kana angkat 😭😭😭 mami always said mami sakit parut, but I guess she just wanted more attention kali before her lil bro arrives. redho....

O&G Weekly Appointment 03 April 2018

38 weeks 2 days

Tuesday, 03 April 2018's been quite a while lol...
Just got back from the hospital. Mayra is now sleeping so mommy is eager to post updates coz I think the D-day is very near approaching.

Last week (37+2) I got admitted arah wad 32 due to suspected leakage of amniotic fluid since week 37. They monitor for 2 days - no further leakage so I got discharged on Thursday (37+4) dengan syarat mesti habiskan antibiotic for 7days.

This morning around 7.30am I felt mcm ada something keluar from bawah and I suspected mucus plug - after doing all the image googling. Not surprised tho coz since last night I've been experiencing severe pain arah my lower back, and what feels like menstrual cramp (karau rasanya). Yes it was painful but still bearable, tho not comfy and hard to find a position to be able to sleep.

So...met Dr Azmah tadi around 10.30am, she checked my cervix and seems like baby masih belom ready to pop out, coz it's still high up there she actually had to saluk dalam2 (omg sakit). She said there's still no progress of baby coming out anytime soon and there's no reason to induce since sudah ada scar from my previous C-section. Unless if I experience cramping, ada bloody show, aing ketuban pecah then only I have to rush to the labor room and they will do elective czer (if I recall correctly lah). As of now let the nature does its work and hopefully this time around I will be able to deliver normallyy lah...AAMIIN...

Actually panjang lagi kan type πŸ˜… but malas. next time. Let's see if I can upload gambar mucus plug using this fon. Kan update pakai pc, slow banar.

Update : nop...cannot upload photos/videos via iphone πŸ™„ android's way better πŸ‘πŸΌ sigh

Another update: 12.50pm - some more mucus plug can be seen arah mangkuk tandas. no fresh blood yet.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Kaka Mayra - 2y 1m

😍😍😍 My Princess πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

Long Absent - not too busy - but TIRED

Date: 16 Feb 2018

Week 31 Day 5

Well, if you're wondering, haritu pegi buat scan at Dr Ding @ Yayasan, and we found out we are going to have a BOY. Alhamdulillah...sepasang. hopefully everything goes well nanti. aamiin.

Malas kan type panjang2. Let me summarise semuanya lah.

Second GTT : passed
blood pressure : sentiasa cantik
weight gain : around 9kg sudah
thyroid hormone : under control
current craving : chocolate hazelnut yg paling BASAR. can finish those in a matter of second

this time around, my belly is huuuuge...hopefully this time baby basar sikit, unlike  mayra haritu lahir only 2.65kg. I cant wait to have this baby in my arms and start berpantang. so that I can start apply keraja lagi after this, inda ku nyanyat jadi surirumah =D