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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Maternity Cloths and Appointments

Today: 22 September 2015
Week 26 Day 0

I am still using my old clothing. Haven't bought any maternity dresses yet coz my tummy didn't really grow as much as I expected.

Went to gynae RIPAS yesterday for another consultation.
Did the routine : heartbeat was fine, 150bpm and urine was normal, and that's it. LOL.

Next appointment will be on the 26th for my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test).
Next ultrasound will be on 5th October.

Not much to say tho. We did few relocation of furniture in our room to give space for our baby. Will be buying more and more stuffs for BabyM this week!

Baby still kicks like mad. Hehe... It's ok sweetheart. We both love you till Jannah... Can't wait to see you! xoxo

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Red blood panic (TMI alert)

I cant remember when I got this. But I got it twice throughout my pregnancy. Or 3times. #shrug

Trust me...i didnt gain as much weight as expected during this pregnancy

Today 15 September 2015
Week 25 Day 0

Only gained 3.9kg since day 1 of my was not bothered. So I guess that's ok. Furthermore, Im an obese. I shouldnt gain more than 11kg as advised.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Strong Kicks

Week 24 and Day 6

My baby recently grows enough muscle and strong bones to actually buat mommy nangis kesakitan when she kicks. Lol... I exaggerate a lil bit. But her kicks are getting more and more kuat nowadays....

Love you BabyM, mommy and babah can't wait to see you... xoxo

NT Scan (12 weeks+) and Anatomy Scan (21 weeks+)

Today: 14th September 2015

Week 24 and Day 6

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  1. A nuchal scan (NT Procedure) is a sonographic prenatal screening scan(ultrasound) to help identify higher chances for chromosomal conditions including Down syndrome in a fetus, particularly for older women who have higher risks of such pregnancies.

That day we went to gynae RIPAS for our routine check. I was expecting the doctor to do NT Scan but she didn't do it. When we were about to be dismissed then only I requested the NT Scan to be done, since it's about time.

I really hate it. At RIPAS hospital, they won't carry out any tests if you didn't voice out. Sigh..

So, my NT Scan went normal. The thickness was just around 1.2-1.3mm so the chance of Down Syndrome is pretty low. You only need to worry if the thickness goes above 3mm. 

A week later, went to Dr Ding Clinic at Yayasan to check for NT Scan. Same result.

If a nasal bone is present it is also a good sign the baby wont have Down Syndrome. Mine? They didn't even bother to check. I have a flat nose, so I hope baby wont inherit mine.

On the other hand...

An anatomy scan is an ultrasound scan of your baby to assess if the baby is growing and developing normally.

The doctor from gynae RIPAS checked the brain, heart, kidney, stomach, and so on. She said everything seems normal. It only took her 2 minutes and that's it.

I did a lot of research before any scans. I did so many reading on googles and what not. Most of the time, the anatomy scan will be carried out on a long session. Thorough examination will be done on each part of the baby's organ. But this was not the case. It took them 2 minutes and we were done. Pff ! So pissed off.

Then a week later we went to CY Lim Clinic at Gadong (under Dr Emylina, she's highly recommended, TIP TOP service) to get the anatomy scan done. Still, same result, baby seems to be healthy and no deformities have been found. But the good thing is that, each session I had with her were never short. She explained one by one, she went into deep details and explained to us why this and why that. Usually each session will last about half an hour. Puas hati. She printed so many images also, not the karit type of doctor. Oh, the ultrasound didnt cost much either. Usually we spent around $50-65 only for each session. Dr Ding only 5 minutes charged us $100-120 per session. Uh! I know his machine is way advanced, but so far, I didn't see any difference ultrasound machine di Ding Clinic and CY Lim Clinic. Both are clear..

If you happen to go for an ultrasound, go to CY Lim Clinic and look for Dr Emylina. By the way, she didnt pay me for this advert haha... Good service deserves recognition.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

VIABLE Pregnancy ! ^_~

Today : 09 September 2015
Week 24 and Day 1
Weight gain throughout this pregnancy : 4kg :-(

It's been a while... and my pregnancy is now VIABLE !
What does a viable pregnancy means to us?
Say, Im gonna start an early labor *touch wood*, the baby will have a 50% chance of survival.
This is because, most of the organs and the lung have already been developed (lungs not perfectly developed tho). Still require NICU / SICU nurses to look after the baby for months so that the baby will grow normally and healthily. There will be some complications tho, mostly the developmental part of the kid.

I really wish I can keep this baby in my womb till it's due date.
Pregnancy is a blessing, but the side effects that came with it were not really pleasant.
Especially at nights. Huhu... Frequent visit to the toilet, uncomfy sleeping position, blocked nose, not being able to breath properly, heavy snore like nobody's business (luckily hubby never complained haha), headaches (this issue never resolved since day 1), occasional leg cramps, dogs barking in the middle of the night, bloody dreams (dreamt about ponti-bebeh once, huh!), ligament pain, the list goes on and on and on...

My eczema, is getting worse, I no longer use the cream the skin doctor gave me coz it doesnt do any good. Usually I will use TRIDERM to treat my eczema, but I am not sure if it is safe to be used during pregnancy...

And, those annoying red itchy spots in the middle of my chest, in between my boobs. Speaking about boobs, I am so so disappointed that they do not have any progress to grow big. They sore sometimes, but that's about it, I am still using the same old bra, no changes nothing. I so jelus bila tengok other women with huge boobs during their pregnancies. Mine is just the same old boobies. Pff!

My shoes are getting more and more fitter, I guess my feet are now swelling tho I can't really see any obvious lumps.

Oh ya...since yesterday I notice my urine will remain yellow no mater how much water I consumed. It is easy to get dehydrated during pregnancy. and being dehydrated during pregnant is NOT GOOD. It can cause early contractions, preterm labor, lack of amniotic fluid and the baby's legs and hands can be deformed. SCARY thought....

Recently, I feel like I wanna sleep the whole day. So I make time for my naps, luckily in my office ada sofa ehehehe...

Later will give updates about my ANATOMY SCAN result.
Feels so sleepy already, and time is now 12.28pm