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Thursday, 13 August 2015

First time bleeding (red blood)

13th August 2015
20 weeks + 2 days

I experienced 1 time bleeding when I was 19weeks 6days pregnant.
Usually, I will only see whitish stringy mucus, creamish kind of lotion type, egg white cervical mucus + brownish + blackish snot (which the doctor said it was just old blood being flushed out).
So that night, when I wiped and saw the red color, I was....em..a little bit on panic,
coz I don't wanna lose this baby.... We've been this far already and I don't want to give up.
The red blood comes with the egg white cervical mucus with a brown tint as well.
and that was it. No more after that *fingers crossed*

The good thing is...............starting 20 weeks 1 day of pregnancy, I can already feel the baby's movements!!! Sometimes a few kicks ! Not strong enough to record it on camera yet. I am pretty sure those are baby kicks! Before this, I only felt some flickers, flutters, and bubbles. Now that it's getting more intense, oh Im so happy ! ^^ so so very happy ^^

Grow well baby...

Oh yea, for 3 consecutive days, I keep on losing weight.
Actually my weight fluctuates during this pregnancy.
I am now 5months pregnant and only gain around 1.9kg :(
Im a bit concern about this and will talk to my doctor again about this issue.
Last time she was not worried at all, looking at my BMI she does not expect to see huge increment.
I had diarrhea last week, but I managed to gain some weight but not for long...

Next ultrasound (anatomy yay !!) will be on 17th August 2015.
I can't wait to see you babyM...kisskiss!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sleeping quality is now getting terrible

Today : 19 weeks 0 days

I rather sleep on my back, it feels so good and so natural and somehow it's the most comfortable position on earth to get a good night sleep.
However, according to Mr.Google, it is best to sleep on either sides, preferable on the left side cause baby can benefit a lot from it, such as good blood circulation, baby can receive good amount of nutrients, and the umbilical cord will function at its best.

Ive been sleeping on my left side for the past few weeks. It felt soooo terrible !!!! Sleeping is no longer a fun thing to do. I woke up at nights so often just to make sure I'm on my side, but only to wake up looking at the ceilings, most of the time.

The con of lying on my back will actually cut supplies of oxygen to my baby in the uterus. How true is that, I don't really know. But if lying on my side is so good for the baby how come at nights I have to be awake and finding my self lying on my back? Isn't that how my body tells me that lying on my left side might as well not good for the baby? I believe the body has it own natural way to notify our self that something is just not right and you have to move and re-position yourself so that you can be comfortable and can function normally.

Nowadays, when I wanted to go to sleep, I would grunt and force myself to lay down and pretend to be okay having to shift my body to either side. My hubby bought me a pregnancy pillow, still it does not really serve its whole purpose. Huhu...

Counting, I still have 21 terrible weeks to go before I can sleep peacefully. Not mati okay. LOL

Saturday, 1 August 2015

What we did differently this cycle that leads to our 5th Pregnancy

Today: 18 weeks 4 days
Before I forget, let me tell you a story pasal DR ZAINAL, HOMEOPATHY. Actually I know him since I was a little, my mum and aunty pernah bawa kami kesana pasal my aunty ada masalah dalaman. I was around 10 yrs old that time, so his clinic has been here so long sudah, well established. and dont be surprised, EVEN doctors dari RIPAS came and see him, pasalnya doktor pun tau ubat drugs clinic nda bagus untuk d makan for long term, pasalnya I ever saw this one doctor from LEE CLINIC went there and ask for his consultation. Mostly all the doctors d RIPAS pun kenal ia. EVEN almost all of my colleagues pun pernah jumpa ia.
The interesting part is......that, my sister in law, they got married in 2011 and she ever got pregnant ONLY ONCE (atupun ectopic pregnancy, need to be terminated, and now she's still trying). That one time ia pregnant was after she ate ubat from DR ZAINAL. Amazing kan.... so after we heard about it, we went there somewhere in 2013 and immediately we got pregnant also lapas mkn ubat atu, but I miscarried, possibility pasal my husband punya sperm chromosome inda bagus (how I knew pasal from his semen analysis result, his morphology was only 3%, maksudnya spermnya cuma 3% sja yg normal, selebihnya smua cacat). My husband did 4 times of semen analysis. The latest result showed his morphology increased dramatically from 3% to 85% which I guess made the baby in my tummy possible. What are his medicines? I will get to that later.
Pasal babu Masna dari sinaut ani, banar2 selulu mengasi to me. Because previously I went beurut with Babu Hjh Tiong di terunjing (she's quite famous tho) but she massaged skajap saja coz her other customers/patients are waiting in queue di luar. She always said my left ovary malar teturun. Ive been with her for 5-7 cycles before moving on to URUT TRADISIONAL di kiulap and di salon, oh my salon atu, jangan cakap lah, I guess my uterus got bruised lapas kana urut, sakit rasa peranakan terasa untill few months after.
Alhamdulillah, I came to know this person, who recommended Babu Masna. So I went and see her. She said my ovaries dua2 subur, but uterus a bit licak. Im not sure licak because of the bruises I experienced masa beurut di salon or because of the clomids I took (pasal I heard clomid can actually shed your uterus thin).
I started beurut arah babu masna bulan December 2014. and I started GAIA bulan January 2015.
December 2014 - peranakan licak and shifted ke kiri
January 2015 - pernakan licak and shifted ke kiri
February 2015 - we skipped, didnt do any massage
March 2015 - she said something amazing, "Eh, timbul sudah peranakan mu ani, bila2 masa saja boleh betian ni, menunggu hari saja lagi"
SEKALINYA banar.......4th April positive OPK, and 6th April 2015 I ovulated conceived, and first got my faint faint line on PT on 16th April 2015 (10 days past ovulation)
We made love on 3rd April and 7th April. I guess sperm from the 3rd of April made its way into the egg (kalau ikutkan gender my baby now hehe).
Ok, below are the things that we did differently that made us this far into our pregnancy:
1. Started on GAIA - since January 2015
2. Started folic acid - since few months before we got married
3. Met DR ZAINAL on the day my OPK was positive (4 April 2015) and I guess his ubat yg buat my baby lakat in the first few weeks, coz ubat tu dpt fix my hormonal problem.
4. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) - consumed few days after my mensus started, my first day of my last mensus was on 28 February 2015, so I ate EPO early March 2015. Oh I forgot to tell you, on March I didnt get my mensus, pasal I ovulate akhir in April 2015, on DAY 38. Selalunya I ovulate on day 16-20.
5. Doa dari indung, coz I got positive OPK two days after mymum doakan depan kaabah masa ia pegi umrah. If ada rezeki lebih, boleh pegi umrah otherwise can ask somebody to pray for you di sana. Alhamdulillah doa my mum kana naikkan.
6. Started Zinc supplement from Guardian - 10 days before my positive OPK. I guess it helped me with the egg releasing. Consumed zinc until end of first trimester because zinc helps to increase progesterone level and helps in building the right DNA.
7. Beurut arah babu Masna in March 2015.
8. Did not exercise eventho I am obese. Ppl esp doctor always said, pls lose weight otherwise you wont be able to get pregnant, I am a living proof that you can get pregnant even if you are overweight, slightly obese or morbidly obese. In terms of makanan, I ate as usual.
1. I made him eat Zinc supplement from Guardian also, to increase his sperm's quality and quantity.
2. Obvious change - he started JOGGING since January 2015 coz according to him, JOGGING can increase his sperm MOTILITY. (activeness) coz before his motility was just at the borderline, 60% so maybe his sperm time atu couldnt make it to the egg. So I guess after he started jogging, his sperm then became active and can swim faster. That's his logic. Ahaha... But Alhamdulillah, one factor that contributes to our current pregnancy
3. Every morning he will drink milo with honey. He stopped drinking his coffee and tea, coke and pepsi during our TTC period.
4. And I made him ejaculate every 2-3 days. Otherwise his sperm wont be as fresh. I dont want old sperm to enter my body. Old sperms means slow swimmers, or none, bad quality of chromosomes and will be of no use, coz even if I got pregnant from the old sperm, I will face another miscarriage.
Basically, we did not have sex for the sake of having a baby. Dulu yes, first year, second year, sex was a routine. I did not get pregnant in 2014. Sudah tah terpaksa make love, ended up mensus, we got even more pissed off. Marah2 and somehow it really gave a bad impact on our relationship/ But when we stopped stressing about having to have sex to have a baby (kesian my hubby, kdg2 kana paksa buat lol), sex was enjoyful. We did it in the morning, afternoon, night, subuh, anytime we liked with no strings attached. Dulu, we even had timetables on when to make love. LOL.... thinking back, it was a huge mistake.
Ppl always say "the moment you get pregnant easily is when you stop thinking about it" YUP....I have to agree with the statement. Moving on after our 2 years of marriage, I did not cry if I had my period. I didnt give a damn when ppl asked me about my fertility. I look on the positive sides of everything. I no longer get jealous to hear pregnancy announcements. All I think was "If it's meant to be, it will meant to be"
Rule number one. Do not get stressed out. It messes up with our hormones.
Wish you good luck. May Allah bless you with lots of beautiful children. Aamiin....

Additional Note:

I have a friend who ate EPO before she conceived. Her main reason was mainly to beautify her skin, alhamdulillah she got pregnant soon after that. So I wanted to give EPO a try !
I ate EPO, if I remember correctly, from cycle day 7 to 16 and I stopped. Because I heard that you should not be on EPO after ovulation. Right about the same cycle I started eating EPO, I got pregnant, and sticks till now, 20weeks+ ^_^ give it a try !